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Ft Dauphin

Just as, in English, we speak of the four corners of a place, a country or, indeed the world, and just as the French consider their country to have six corners, constituting a hexagon (of sorts), so too do the Malagasy refer to the corners of their island ... except that they consider it to have eight (yes, 8) corners, as in the expression "lafy valon'i nosy" (literally "the eight corners of the island", meaning far an wide all over the country). One of these corners is the southeastern tip, around the town of Ft Dauphin.

the region of Fort Dauphin (known as Taolagnaro, Tôlagnaro or Tolañaro in Malagasy) is home to several nature preserves, including Andohahela National Park, Nahampoana private reserve, Saiadi private gardens and Berenty private reserve. The area is home to three different ecosystems: the southern spiny succulent forest, the wet rainforest, and between them a transitional forest, each harboring different populations of lemurs (ring-tailed lemurs, Verreaux's sifaka, Microcebus and even aye-aye). Most notable among the flora is the endemic trihedral palm (Neodypsis decarii). Birds include the Madagascar hoopoe, the crested drongo, the crested coua, Verreaux's coua, the Madagascar coucal, and the white-faced whistling duck. Nearby Anony lake hosts a myriad of birds including flamingoes.

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